I feel like the only one that never understood this attitude. Reclining your seat all the way is definitely a dick move—but I have to recline it a LITTLE bit if I want to even come close to sleeping. And I have never minded when people in front of me reclined their seats, as long as it's mild. » 8/26/14 12:20pm Tuesday 12:20pm

I recommend SharpKeys, which will disable them through the Windows Registry. But you'll have to re-enable them and reboot every time you want to use them, which kind of sucks compared to the AutoHotkey method :-/ With AutoHotkey you can just quit the script and use them as normal. » 8/26/14 8:56am Tuesday 8:56am

I think we're using two different definitions of the word "accessible" here. He really meant that all other things kept equal—if you have the choice of owning 20 ebooks or 20 books—the ebooks are more easily accessible for you to read no matter where you are. It wasn't about money. Though you do make a good point, you… » 8/26/14 6:46am Tuesday 6:46am

The Best and Worst Android Manufacturers for Quick Updates, KitKat…

One of Android's biggest downsides is the speed at which you receive updates: some phones will take months to get the latest version of Android. Ars Technica runs down the best (and worst) manufacturers and carriers for quick updates. » 8/25/14 1:00pm Monday 1:00pm

I should have commented this when I first edited the article, but I forgot. It still needs to be said though: the most common date rape drug isn't GHB or Ketamine—it's alcohol. So while these are totally awesome, don't forget to stay vigilant and drink responsibly. » 8/25/14 12:26pm Monday 12:26pm

Yup, I loved this one. I've actually been thinking about starting a "book review" series at Lifehacker, and was thinking about starting with this one. It may be old, but it's such a quick and easy read that will put you miles ahead of half the people you know in terms of having your finances in order. The writing… » 8/25/14 8:02am Monday 8:02am

Top 10 Superior Tech Products You'll Never Go Back From

Some upgrades are subjective—like moving from pen and paper to a digital note-taker. Other upgrades, however, change the way you use technology, and make it impossible to go back to something inferior. Here are 10 of those things. » 8/23/14 8:00am Saturday 8:00am

To kind of play Devil's Advocate here: Running your own custom game is awesome, but it's a LOT more work—and totally overwhelming for new players (which this is kind of geared towards). It would have been nice if it came with a couple short, simple modules. » 8/22/14 12:52pm 8/22/14 12:52pm

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